Big Newsletter - Exercise and Nutrition (Summary of 34 Articles)

Summary of 34 articles with 36.528 words and 1121 references on

Exercise and nutrition 

  1.Exercise science
1.1 Hypertrophy Mechanisms, Strategies and Techniques
1.1.1 Mechanical Tension 
1.1.2 Muscle Damage  
1.1.3 Metabolic Stress
1.2  Hormones, Genetics, Protein Synthesis and Hyper-Responders
1.3  Volume, Repetition Duration, Rest Intervals, Contraction Types and Contraction Speed
1.4  The Best Load and Repetition Range
1.5  Range of Motion, Muscle Shape and Non-Uniform Muscle Growth
1.6  The Biggest Gains Ever Reported
1.7  The Effects of Detraining
1.8  Concurrent Training
1.9  Benefits of Exercise and Strength training 

    2. Metabolism
2.1  Carb Metabolism

2.1.1 Carbohydrate Disposal: How Does The Body Deal With Excess Carbs

2.1.2  How Much Carbohydrate Can You Store?

2.1.3  De novo Lipogenesis in Humans, and How You Get Fat

2.1.4  The Hierarchy Of Fuel Selection - Which Fuel Do You Preferentially Burn?

2.2  Fat Metabolism

2.2.1 How Much Fat Can You Store?

2.3  Protein Metabolism
2.3.1 How Much Protein Can You Store
2.4  Water Metabolism
2.4.1 Water Homeostasis And Dynamic Equilibrium

    3. Sports Nutrition and supplements
3.1 Strategies to Augment the Anabolic Properties of Plant-Based Proteins
3.2 How Much Protein Do You Need After Exercise?
3.3 HMB-FA, ATP vs. 600mg Of Testosterone, And Hyper-responders
3.4 Top Ineffective Supplements for Muscle Building – The Glutamine Fad
3.5 Clinical Use Of Glutamine
3.6 Ergogenic Supplements: Energy Drinks (Caffeine And Carbohydrate)
4.1 How Much Water Do You Need?
4.2 Hydration: Assessing Hydration Status
4.3 Hydration and Exercise: Hypohydration and Exercise-Induced Hyponatremia

    5.  Special topics
5.1 AARR- The Female Athlete Triad – Epidemiology, Endocrinology, Assessment and Nutritional Intervention
5.2 AARR - The Effects of Nutrition and Exercise on Sleep Part 1/3: Macros, Energy Restriction, Meal Timing and Composition
5.3 AARR - The Effects of Nutrition and Exercise on Sleep Part 2/3: Micronutrients and Sleep
5.4  Features of Pseudoscience, Grand Conspiracy Thinking and Denialism 
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